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Photos of famous landmarks while they were still under construction.

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 Last messages from Survivors and Students trapped inside the ferry

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  • "Jessica noona said she wants to make cakes for every fans birthday if it’s possible - Shinee’s Taemin
  • "I feel very grateful to Jessica unnie, she told me how to control my feelings" - Seohyun
  • "She has an amazing voice and many talents" - Psy
  • "Jessica is fun, It’s nice to talk with her" - Super junior’s Eunhyuk
  • "Being cold is something I must always have. to protect SNSD" - Jessica
  • "People say she’s cold, so she’s gained the nickname " ice princess" , she actually very kind and not strong" - Tiffany

                 Happy birthday to Jessica (18/04/1989 - 18/04/2014 )

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tiffany <3 <3 <3 

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The very many expressions of Yoo In Na
(from left to right)
1. mung~ Inna
2. I am Queen In Hyun♡
3. Getting hit by that bouquet hurt
4. Peek!
5. Sleeping Beauty Inna
6. Me-rong!
7. Hehe♥
8. I can’t believe it!
9. Thinking
10. Surprised Inna
11. Transformed into a hip hop girl!
12. Ji Hyun Woo, are you watching?
13. Up into the sky~!
14. Aren’t I pretty?
15. Puppy dog eyes
16. Hello~
17. Embarrassed
18. Pure/Innocent
19. Frozen!!
20. City girl (cha-do-nyeo) Inna
21. Pouty Inna
22. Boong do! I’m watching you!
23. Inna is mad!
24. Inna is peeved!
25. Cute Inna
26. OMG!
27. Unexpected body
28. Inna goes “ah~”
29. Small-faced Inna!
30. Sweet/kind

DreamFic - turning dreams into story: [DreamFic] Unexpected Friend


by Mushroomgroover

Genre: Fanfic

[A/N: Actually I should not include it as a fanfic but I cannot think a genre for this story to include. But if you’ll look into it, it surely fit as a fanfic but remember that this blog is Dreamfic. I’m just creating a story based on what I…

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